Crowdfunding campaign is active!

The campaign is active since 2 days – secure your Christmas gifts with us!

All products are delivered mid-December – with a few exceptions (some sample sets in November, the chili subscription is delivered in January 2016 year-round.)

What are the goals and who is the audience?
Everyone searching a Christmas gift – no matter whether he is a chili fan or not – and thinks that a beautiful bottle, a sample set (sample  set of 4 bottles (30 ml each) – or a large sample set with 12 bottles 30 ml each) or else a chili-subscription from a small manufactory-made chili creation is a beautiful gift.

What is the project?
A small financial boost of a micro manufacture of creative gourmet chili compositions. It runs very well, but the rush is too big. We need a little financial push to make the purchasing of materials, ingredients and bottles, even in larger quantities. This would mean: delayed to ship and especially more interested trade which we could not operate, so far, to supply.

Chilies are one of the tastiest and healthiest natural flavour enhancers. There are over 1000 cultivars, depending on the degrees of sharpness, colors, shapes and flavor.

Here you can see the “thank you” you get, depending on the amount.

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Any comment, like, recommendation is welcome!

As you may know, we have sauces from very mild to very hot, there is something for everyone. A very nice Christmas gift!

Thanks / MUCHAS gracias

Diego & Fabian