What make us special?

Slow Food – Really Handmade

We are supporters of “Slow Food” Idea; not only with our way of producing our hot sauce, but also through annual fee.

We compose “Hot” Songs

Our Motto: Cooking Art meets Chilis We are not only looking for the craziest or hottest sauce (even we have very hot ones), we look the most creative and the balance between the certain type of chilis (depending of the own flavor, colour and Hot Level) and different ingredients – all amog them, vegetable nature.

Everything natural – Vegan without additives

No Preservatives. only the adequate technique and Spiciness (Capsaicin) No Thickener. Sorry, but it is not right, not all Hot Sauces should be thick “like Ketchup”. 100% Vegan. Colors, Texture and Shelflife – all natural and vegetable.

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Chili Varieties used (until now)
Chili Kompositionen
"Hot" Accidents during Tasting Events 😉