Tasting Kit Chili Compositions

10,00 Ink. MwSt.

4 “Chili Compositions” : 4 x 30 ml (Sauces) (or 3 Sauces and 1 x 10 gr. New Powder-Version) “Hot” Pleasure.
Heat Level: from 3 up to 10 (of 10) – See below “Instructions for use: Our drop technique:”



With our “Tasting Kit Hot Sauces” – taste all you want, decide later.

  • Are you an interested in a new “Hot – Chili – Heat” Experience?
  • Do you want to take advantage of the health benefits of “heatness”, but you are afraid of the pain?
  • You are an Hot-sauces fan, enjoy the taste and want to try some exquisite chilli compositions?
  • Or do you want to surprise someone with the variety of sauces of our small manufactory?

We send 4 Chili Compositions – Mixed Flavours and Heat Level – and you can taste all our “Hot Songs” and enjoy.

Drop Technique
Drop-a-Drop is never too Hot
Our “Drop Technique”: It is all about “improving” and bringing “Spicy alternation” during your meal.