Slow Food Unterstützer

Pika Pika Hot Sauces are now official supporter of Slow Food Germany

It is now oficial: Pika Pika Hot Sauces is supporter of Slow Food Germany.

Slow Food – What is this?

Slow Food is an organisation, which aims to make people care about sustainable food. This food should be produced eco-friendly, good, clean and fair trade.

With these goals, the organisation created in 1989 wants to contrast with the more and more widespread fast food, which is known to be unhealthy and based on production methods that damage the environment. Fast food spreads more and more. Reasons are amongst others a more pressured lifestyle and less contact to nature. People take less time for eating in a healthy way or eating together with the family.

Aims of Slow Food

Slow Food strives to support a more tempered way of life and healthy food and gives information on food and related health issues. In addition, it supports the joy of eating and savouring a good meal. People should pay attention again to what and how they eat, and to the related issues that go with it. Special attention is paid to the issue, where our food comes from and other aspects such as biological diversity and eco-friendly production.

Pika Pika Hot Sauces meet these requirements and we are listed from today as supporters of Slow Food Germany.

You can find more information on Slow Food here (in German) and here (in English)