1st. Place “Golden Chile Award” (USA) / Crowdfunding Next Level

Crowdfunding campaign active!! Now on Startnext.com Video with English and Spanish subtitles – Activate then after starting the video; You find the option on the bottom right.

We started the 2018 with great news!!! we get such good news: With our „Wild Berries – Scorpion“ Chili Composition (Reserve your Bottle here, on Amazon.co.uk)  we have the USA conquered!

Right the first time we participate in „Fiery Foods“ competition (in 1 Category), we have won!!! (Zestfest 26-28 January 2018). The „Golden Chile Award“ is one of the most prestigious „Chili Products“ Awards in the USA. We are particularly pleased that we have convinced the jury of the category „Ultra-Hot“!

The fight against „simple-Tomate-essig-thickener“ chilli products continues!

This is further evidence that our work goes in the right direction, even convincing on an international and very high level. We need to get into „the-next-level“ That’s why we turn back to you:

We’re launching a crowdfunding campaign in late February (starting around Feb. 20) to make our „part-time“ into full-time fight against mediocre chili products.

For those who are unfamiliar with Crowdfunding: You choose the „Products (Rewards)“ that you like in the campaign, right at the beginning of the campaign, but your money will only be collected at the end of he campaign !! The more supporters in the beginning choose their products, the more new visitors will find the campaign interesting !! So you can continue to support us and at the same time secure your „Grill-Saison-Hot Sauces“ Stock (we send the rewards in August)  !! It’s NOT a fundraiser, just a presale!)

If you want to geht informed about the exactly start date, the best way is to subscribe in your Youtube Channel (click on the red Button on the right side). Then, click on the „bell“  .  Of course we will also send an e-mail (here the newsletter registration – we prefer to not use the mailinglists) and will also report it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

So far, we have worked with very few resources, and have repeatedly invested the generated sales in the project. In addition, some of you have supported us in 2 smaller crowdfunding campaigns (thank you again!), allowing us, among other things to invest in larger pots, a small 1-bottle filling machine, a small camera, a gastro-hand blender and bottles in significantly larger quantities.

After the great success at the „German Chili Awards“ 2017 (Into the 3 places in all 3 Categories), this prize is the ultimate proof that we can convince many customers not only in Europe. We are also keenly interested in our The-Chili-Mafia-Box project, which aims to include the „Chili Specialties“ box with products from small manufacturers all over Europe (Spain, Hungary, Denmark and Austria).

With the money of the crowdfunding campaign we would like to acquire professional equipment and complete the BIO certification (first funding target) and if we can do it (2nd funding target) we will take over the super-furnished kitchen that we are currently sharing !!! For the rest (rent, working capital), our turnover is sufficient, but we will be able to produce significantly more, become more stable and more creative through the campaign. In addition, we would have a basis for the bank sharks 🙂

We hope for your support !!!

The Chili Mafia – The PIKA PIKA Team